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This is a new site and content is being developed weekly.  Feel free to provide us with any feedback, suggestions and comments.

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When you visit a port, and someone asks  how to contact you, give them your Concordia email address (e.g. - it will be easy for you to explain and for them to remember.  Any emails sent to your Concordia's address will automatically be forwarded to your private email address so you won't have to remember a new set of log-ins and passwords.  This is available free to all Concordia owners.  

To obtain your free email address, click on the link at the bottom of this page, or contact the  Give them your vessel name, and email address.  Your account will be active within 48 hours - you will receive an email confirming activation.

In the future, a directory of all active email addresses will be listed.  Family of previous owners have used this site to try to figure out how to contact new owners with information on vessel history.  

This email will give you and your Concordia visibility while keeping your personal information and private email address confidential.

Illustration Courtesy of Kathy Bray
Bray Prints
PO Box 217
Vinalhaven, ME 04863

This is an excerpt from The Concordias of Waldo Howland  produced in 1994 by Shaw Productions.  It was found on YouTube.  If anyone knows how to contact the producers of this video, pleas use the "Contact Us" link to let us know more about this production company. 

This video was found on YouTube - it is an edited version of Concordia:  A Classic Wooden Yacht.  It is not known to be in prodution any longer but can be found occasionally on eBay as a used VHS.  If anyone knows how to contact the producers, please pass it along to this web site.  

This YouTube Video is some old 16 mm footage of Katrina a bright finish Concordia that has been in the ownership of the same family for all but the first 3 years since being built in 1963.  She has crossed the Atlantic and was sailed extensively.
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